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Date: 4th June 2017
Cellulose Sponge
cellulose sponge Description :Cellulose sponges are made from 100% wood pulp, It is a pure natural harmless product. Green scrubber is made by polyester,?nylon.?Scouring pad for general purpose cleaning, and the small holes inside them help to absorb liquid and?hold it inside the sponge. These sponges are soft inside their sealed packaging because they are usually?treated with a soap that keeps them pliable and keeps bacteria from growing inside the package. ?Cellulose sponges are very inexpensive. They absorb and hold liquid well and can last through some fairly tough cleaning jobs. Cellulose sponges work well on a number of surfaces. They can even be cut into smaller sizes to provide more uses out of each sponge.DescriptionCellulose Sponge,?Cellulose Facial Sponge, Natural Compressed Facial Cellulose SpongeDensityCan be customizedDimensionsCan be customizedCompositionNatural Cellulose FiberColorCan be customizedTechnicsCut to size, Die Cut, CompressApplicationHousehold cleanings, Bath accessories, Facial cleaning , Car Washing, also used as?oil remover in the painting industry.Product feature? ?- ?High flexibility,eco-friendly. ?- ?Very well absorbility and release capacity. ?- ?Long-lasting, Absorbent, Suitable for cleaning. ?- ?No peculiar smell & Odor-proof. ?- ?Anti-microbial, Mildew-proof. ?- ?Comfortable, Convenient, Attractive. ?- ?All dimensions and shapes can be customized. ? ?An?environment-friendly product, can be discarded after being used for a while; it can degrade by itself, and will not make any pollution. ?For bath: can produce abundant foams used together with bath foam; fully clean up skin. ?For car wash: can fully remove smudge on car body and window without scratches and wash marking. ?For kitchen: can be used to clean dishware, porcelain and glass products, etc. ? ?For facial: can be used to wash face after making up.Our advantages: ?1, factory direct sell, professional manufacturer; ?2, soft, good touch feeling, comfortable; ?3, samples are free by demand; ?4,size ,density ,shape ,can be customized; ?5,timely delivery goods. ?6,We passed OEKO test ,and have CFR1633,BS5852,BS7177 certificates